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LIMITED SPACES! Esther only offers 1 of these spaces a week. If you see that it is sold out, check back on Sundays for when stock will be refreshed.


Esther will create you a 55:55 minute long POWERFUL Custom Subliminal for your topic of choice! This will be provided to you as an MP3 and also as a private video link so you can add your custom video straight into your Subliminal playlists on Youtube if you wish!


Popular topics can include appearance specifics, clients, business opportunities, success, love, weight loss, weight gain, spiritual cleansing, detaching, manifesting, self concept, beat procrastination, motivation, focus, the list goes on! She even makes subliminals for children to ease them to sleep with great success!


Esther can add music or rain and nature sounds. Please just let Esther know your preference at checkout. If there isn't enough space for all your requests or if you forget some details that you wish to add on, please email


Esther will deliver your subliminal within 7 days of payment via Wetransfer email. Or if you wish to see all affirmations before recording, within 3 days once affirmations are agreed. Up to 2 script revisions are allowed before she records. If you already have some affirmations in mind, please just let Esther know these at checkout.


Please note: Esther doesn't create subliminals for attracting exes back or for manifesting specific love interests but she can make them for meeting desired people, and for manifesting love in general. Esther knows it is fully possible to achieve those desires but it's not a type of content she wishes to create. Thank you for your understanding.



If you are new to subliminals, they are audio tracks with the affirmations layered but they are not audible to the conscious mind, only the subconscious. This is perfect for bypassing the conscious mind and for gently reprogramming your belief systems. We manifest from our self concept which includes all our beliefs about ourselves, the world and our personal potential. So subliminals are a fantastic and powerful tool for reprogramming who you are at an energetic level.



Ideally listen before bed, and with headphones but without is ok. Do not listen to whilst driving or operating heavy machinery, but you can listen whilst studying, meditating, doing house chores, etc.



There will be over 200 affirmations written for your subliminal which will then be layered in one of Esther's recording formulas. Before recording, Esther is happy to show you the full script so you feel safe with what you're listening to.


  • Refunds, Exchanges and Returns are not available for Digital Products.

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