Coaching with Esther


Esther believes that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and when we make powerful changes working from the inside out, we can create the life of success, abundance, love and satisfaction we all desire.

Esther's service aims to empower and motivate you on your personal development journey. Your power is in the present moment to implement, take action and transform your life. Areas Esther can help you work on include:

  • Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

  • Stress and Time Management, banish that procrastination!

  • Relationships

  • Weight Loss

  • Money Mindset

  • Developing self-awareness, dissolving anxiety and being present using Mindfulness techniques. This is important in managing your reaction to negativity

  • Law of Attraction Training, creating the life you want through Manifestation

  • Healing limiting beliefs and releasing resistance using Emotional Freedom Technique 

  • Ultimately establishing a positive mindset, raising your vibration and shifting your point of attraction!

For a list of services please see below!

You can also join Esther's spiritual business membership for women "Running with Wolves" which offers group or 1:1 private coaching and many more benefits!




Your time to make powerful, lasting changes and manifest success IS NOW!

Get in touch to discuss how coaching can change your life! Full list of services below.

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Book a Power Hour Call with Esther if you need a manifestation BOOST or want to start your LOA coaching journey!

Or use for transformational EFT & Hypnosis, heal your past and remove that resistance!

Price for 1 hour is £147

1:1 Coaching PROGRAMS

Work with Esther intensively, via Zoom Call or in person (location dependent) for:

LOA DAYS - Intensive coaching & healing for 3 hours for £497


3 months for £1497 includes coaching, healing services and in-between calls support

Payment plans available

events & 



Esther creates spiritual events to

bring people together on their mindset & law of attraction journeys. 

You Deserve Abundance 2021 tickets launch on November 10th 2020. Subscribe to be the first to know!




Esther delivers training in the workplace and online, on the power of Mindfulness in a corporate setting. Locations include Bristol, Bath, Surrounding & the M4/M5 & M6 corridors. Or training can be provided by online platforms.


What is Coaching and What is it Not?

Coaching and mentoring are tools to help you reach your fullest potential and actualise your goals. The process will address the specific areas of your life that you would like to move forward.  As your Coach, Esther will support you to define a spiritual and physical plan of action for achieving your future goals. She is committed to actively listening to you, and will encourage you to reflect on and evaluate your progress.

Esther holds qualifications in Life Coaching, The Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Meditation and Emotional Freedom Technique. She is also studying the ILM Level 5 in Business Coaching and mentoring.

It is important to note that Coaching is not therapy. It should not be used as a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy or any other professional mental health care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. As your coach Esther will only provide services in which she is trained and if she believes you would benefit from an additional service, she will refer you to a licensed person who can assist.