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Esther believes that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world and when we make powerful changes working from the inside out, we can create the life of success, abundance, love and ultimately, the satisfaction and contentment we all desire.

Let's break it down! Your Self Concept is a collection of beliefs that form your identity, what you believe you are, what you're capable of and what you believe is possible for you in this world.


This collection of beliefs will be based on decisions and assumptions your inner children made. As a result, these assumptions either empower us to create to our fullest potential in this lifetime, or it collapses our possibilities.

This is influencing how you show up, feel, think and create on a daily basis. And using Manifestation Coaching, EFT & Reality Hacking, we can work with the inner children to heal any assumptions that are hindering your expansion and inner peace.

Esther works primarily with professionals in creative industries such as musicians, writers, interior designers and artists. She also works with impact driven entrepreneurs who are product based or service led e.g coaches or consultants. But she is open to anybody who needs her support.


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What can she help with?

Esther's service aims to empower you, and shift your beliefs so you manifest from your HIGHEST Self Concept. 


Common areas Esther can help you work on include:

  • Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Doubt and Self-Worth

  • Time Management & Accountability - manage that procrastination/self-sabotage/consistency/imposter syndrome/visibility

  • Releasing Creative/Writer's block

  • Lack of clarity/feeling stuck

  • Action plan in balance of your masculine & feminine energy

  • Embrace your unique creative working process

  • Money mindset beliefs

  • Developing self-awareness, dissolving anxiety and being present using Mindfulness techniques. This is important in managing your reaction to stress, negativity or dealing with people's egos.

  • Law of Attraction mentoring - creating the life you want through Manifestation. Main focuses on career, money & love life.

  • Releasing limiting beliefs and resistance using Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis and Reality Hacking.

  • Ultimately, establishing a strong, solution focused mindset, raising your vibration and shifting your point of attraction! You are the magnet!

Your reality, your manifestation, begins with YOU!


If you are ready to take action, make powerful lasting changes and create without limits, please get in touch to discuss how coaching can transform your life!


Full list of services below.


What is Coaching and What is it Not?

Coaching and mentoring are tools to help you reach your fullest potential and actualise your goals. The process will address the specific areas of your life that you would like to move forward.  As your Coach, Esther will support you to define a spiritual and physical plan of action for achieving your future goals. She is committed to actively listening to you, and will encourage you to reflect on and evaluate your progress.

Esther holds qualifications in: ILM Level 5 in Business Coaching & Mentoring, Hacking Reality Practitioner Level 3, Trauma Informed Coaching, Life Coaching, The Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Technique.

It is important to note that Coaching is not therapy. It should not be used as a substitute for counselling, psychotherapy or any other professional mental health care. It is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any mental health or medical conditions. As your coach Esther will only provide services in which she is trained and if she believes you would benefit from an additional or different service, she will refer you to a licensed person who can assist.

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3 month
Coaching PROGRAM

Work with Esther 1:1, via Zoom Call or in person (location dependent) across 12 weeks.

  • 9 hours of coaching, EFT & Reality Hacking across 12 weeks,


  • Whatsapp coaching check ins on Mon & Friday.


  • Plus custom EFTs/Subliminals made for you as we go along!

  • Plus 6 months access to my Youtube membership content!

Focus on shifting your point of attraction, releasing resistance, manifesting heart led desires, and learning the art of surrender - THE KEY to powerful manifestation.

Please see coaching page for a list of things Esther can help you release/manifest.

Longer bespoke coaching available on request. Esther is fully booked right now, but apply for Aug 22, 2 spaces only!


3 hour
"ALIGNMENT  Accelerator"

Book this Power Session with Esther if you need a manifestation BOOST, clarity, action and intention setting to help you align with your vision and to call in abundance, love, success and MORE!
Plus transformational EFT & Reality Hacking for your younger self, to remove that resistance and rewrite their beliefs. In doing this we open up our paths and possibilities in the matrix.
Price for 3 hour initial session, plus 1 hour (or 2 x 30 min) follow up sessions over the next month is £397

Please note: Esther does not work with manifesting back exes but can help you manifest aligned love.

Esther is fully booked for the upcoming months. Please contact her to be on the waitlist!





On July 2nd and 3rd Esther is hosting an in-person workshop in magical Glastonbury - right in the goddess courtyard! 

The focus is on surrender and detachment, with less force and more flow as we take those manifestations off the pedestal.

Aligning to your path of least resistance so you manifest with ease!

Changing what you manifest in the 3D by working from the inside out!

Creating a new self-concept narrative!

Finding wholeness and contentment in the now!

And more!

Want to join us for this intimate coaching experience?

Esther no longer does 1 hour sessions as a one off service, because she knows her clients get the most powerful transformation from longer term support. At the end of the coaching term, Esther offers 1 hour top ups and Whatsapp support packages only to former clients. If this is you, please get in touch, I've missed you!