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In the words of Elton John, "are you ready for love?"

A while ago, I spent some time in the dating game, and it was certainly, interesting.... I spent more time on Bumble coaching men and selling my book than I did dating believe it or not! The great news is that when I relaxed into the process, I met James and he ticked every box on my manifestation list! That's the short version of the story. And yes, we met on Tinder.


When I recently hosted on my Boss Babes retreat, it struck me that so many women at the table were single, and spiritual. What was also universal was the struggles many were feeling around finding Mr Right! 

The good news is, he is OUT THERE! And maybe not consciously, but he's manifesting you too! And what I really want you to know is, you are worthy of love right now. 


On my personal journey, I did so much inner work to prepare myself to meet someone and it was all important but ultimately, being in union with someone continues to heal parts of me that were only ready to come forward once I was in a relationship. So let's get you ready to love and be loved in a conscious, healthy commitment! Manifesting them and meeting them is just the beginning!


So who is this for?


Ladies, this workshop is perfect for you if you are single and wanting to manifest your divine masculine AKA Mr Right;

  • But maybe you're burnt out from the dating game, disheartened, and developing negative beliefs about men or apps?

  • Perhaps you're ready to date again but need to come at it from fresh energy, hopeful, yet surrendered and enjoying the process?

  • Perhaps you need to develop more mindset resilience and detachment in dating so that for every "no", we feel closer to getting a "yes"! Less needy energy and more confidence that you deserve the best!

  • Maybe you need to get specific about who your ideal man is so you stop attracting/choosing/settling for same old guys who just aren't quite it? No more commitment-phobes and lack of emotional availability here please!

  • Maybe you need a big self-worth boost to see how wonderful you are and how someone would be lucky to have you?

  • Perhaps you'd like to let go of some beliefs or behaviours that are making it hard for you to love and be loved?

  • And maybe you'd like to spend the weekend connecting with wonderful other spiritual women, channelling positive energy towards men and dating! Energy flows where attention goes....

  • And of course coming away feeling pumped up, excited and KNOWING he is YOURS...... whoever he is.....but manifesting better quality dates going forward and leading to your dream man! Whether you meet him online or elsewhere!

If any of these resonate, it's time to say back to Elton John "YES I AM!" and get ready to invite me to your wedding. You are deserving of a love that is fun, kind and aligned with your dreams and values, and above all IT IS POSSIBLE. Let's go!


What can you expect over the weekend? Here's some of what we will be covering!

  • Who is your ideal stud muffin? And what does your dream relationship look like? Intention setting for attracting Mr Right!

  • Self Love Meditation Journey

  • Dream Relationship Meditation Journey

  • Seeing your magic and how your divine masculine needs you

  • Love attraction ceremony at the Chalice Well Gardens (inc in price)

  • Conscious communication in relationships 

  • Healing triggers and awareness of attachment styles and love languages

  • Love is all around you - be the vibe now! 

  • Enjoying dating from a strong sense of self worth, green flags only and no settling!

  • Narratives on men and the abundance of good ones!


If you're thinking "BOOM BABY!" I'm in the mood for a love reset, come to Glastonbury with me on the 26th-28th of July 2024 for this intimate group workshop (10 spaces left)


For your forward planning, the weekend is split into 5 "Segments of Intention" to allow you to integrate our work, as well as to go off exploring parts of Glastonbury - finding your own flow and fun! We will be coaching, tapping, meditating, loving and laughing A LOT! 


The 26th



The 27th


2:30pm-4:30pm (in the Chalice Well Gardens for a ceremony, weather permitting - entry inc in your workshop ticket price)



The 28th



Accommodation and eating out are up to you. There are lots of amazing BnBs around locally, and cafes a plenty!


Sending you blessings, I look forward to seeing you there and giving you a big squeeze!. Please get in contact for any further questions via the contact page.


The Venue



Location: Ground Floor, The Goddess House, 28 Magdalene Street
Glastonbury BA6 9EJ (just off the bottom of the high street)



Local Places To Stay


Glastonbury has some wonderful BnBs to stay in. The towns of Street and Wells are also a very short drive away which also offer accommodation. 

Some potential recommendations to explore:

AirBnB Glastonbury

George Hotel and Pilgrims Inn

The Covenstead BnB


Premier Inn

Local Places To Eat


There will be coffee, lunch and dinner breaks on the Saturday for guests to go out to local cafes and to explore the high street.


This weekend is a time to connect with spirit and wonderful women. Esther would recommend refraining from alcohol because it doesn't allow us to feel at our best nor to be present with all that is. But this is entirely at your discretion if you wish to enjoy a beverage on Saturday night.


Here are some cafes that Esther has been to personally that she can recommend on the High Street.

The Rainbows End Cafe

The Abbey Tea Rooms

Hundred Monkeys

Gigi’s Italian

Coffee Zero

Benedict Street Kitchen (on Benedict Street)



Esther may be hiring a photographer to capture photos of the workshop in action. If you do not wish to be included in photography/video that may be used in Esther's branding, please let her know. 


If coming in your car, Glastonbury has several car parks and also has some free residential parking in the surrounding streets. Car park info can be found here.

Glastonbury does not have a train station. If travelling by train, I would recommend departing Bristol Temple Meads and getting the 376 bus to Glastonbury town hall.

Please check timetables here.


On Sunday the Workshop finishes at 1pm leaving plenty of time to explore the rest of Glastonbury which can all be done on foot.


What else to do?

Esther would suggest visiting the Goddess Temple for journaling, meditation and inner reflection on the weekend. She would also recommend going up the Tor if you have the capacity for it on Sunday after we end; Esther would love to do this as a group activity, weather permitting. And don't forget all the amazing shops on the high street!

There is lots of amazing Graffiti around Glastonbury and you can pick up a do it yourself tour map from the Information Centre at 1 Magdalene Street, St Dunstan's House, Glastonbury BA6 9EL. And Clark's Village Outlet Centre is just a short drive away!

payment options

PAY IN FULL EARLYBIRD INTRO PRICE £222 (£333 after June 1st)

Refund Policy: Refunds are available until 1st July 2024. Once past this date, tickets can be exchanged for Coaching Services with Esther. Please ensure you have read the Ts & Cs below, purchase of a ticket constitutes acceptance of the terms. 


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