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Running with Wolves

Spiritual and Business Membership for Women - are you ready to join The Pack?


Where working meets Woo Woo


“Running with Wolves: The Pack”,  has launched! This is a small community membership for spiritual women who want support growing their business using Law of Attraction as well as strategy. This is open to women running spiritual or non-spiritually based businesses, who want to bring the woo to their working arrangements, learn business strategies and use manifestation to shift what they are attracting into their biz. And above all, it’s a sisterhood for women who are expansion focused and want to transform together.



What's on offer....

Pack Leaders

  • 1 hour private coaching session with Esther each month - used for spiritual/biz/personal coaching, accountability, rewriting limiting beliefs, LOA implementation

  • Weekly group Zoom coaching call - bring Esther and the group your business and manifestation questions. Connect with, support and grow from the experience and insight of the members as well as Esther. Thursdays at 7pm.

  • New moon intention setting for your monthly business (and personal) goals, learn different techniques for manifesting!

  • Full moon releasing together monthly, let go of what's not serving you.

  • Once a month business or spiritual guest speaker where you can interact and ask questions

  • Whatsapp intention hours, check in with the group, set an intention for the hour and be held accountable if needed.

  • Facebook community to connect with spiritual female entrepreneurs and opportunities to promote your own services.

  • Accountability buddies in the coaching group.

£147 a month, no minimum term contract

Email Esther to join the Waitlist, or book a free discovery call to discuss all coaching options!