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Welcome to the Tapped In Membership!


The doors to my Tapped In monthly Manifesting Membership are OPEN! 

If you want to:

  • Release resistance & create new supportive beliefs

  • Shift your point of attraction & manifest powerfully!

  • Nurture your EFT tapping practice & make space to ground weekly

  • Spiritually grow & connect with others in a safe community

  • Start coaching/keep growing with Esther after 1:1 work...

Then this is for you!

What's Included??

The membership runs on the following format, please note REPLAY IS ALWAYS AVAILABLE:

  • 1st of the month at 1pm UK time: End of month reflections/celebrations and manifesting intentions for the months ahead

  • Week 1 (and all following weeks) on Wednesdays at 1pm UK time: Self, Universal Belief, Trust, Safety, Faith, Connection Tapping, holding those intentions in mind. Plus LOA/Mindset Q&A

  • Week 2: Money Mindset/Abundance Tapping & Gratitude exercises

  • Week 3: Self Love & Body Connection tapping plus features like self massage and body scan meditations.

  • Week 4: Tapped in vote: tapping theme will be group voted on by topics that have arisen in the month e.g boundaries. Plus subliminal on this theme!

  • Guest speakers, extra intuitive lives or card pulls will be done as bonuses. Everything available to watch on replay.

  • Calls are done on Zoom to create connection between members but are streamed directly into Facebook for ease of replay.

ALL THIS FOR £23.33 a month!!! No minimum term contract.

Esther has opened doors again to support more people during these times. Once you are subscribed she will send you access to the Facebook community.

Common Qs

Answers to some frequently asked Qs:

  • What if the 1st of the month is on a Wednesday? The call will then be held on the Tuesday before at 1pm UK time

  • What if the 1st of the month is on a weekend? The call will be held on the subsequent Monday UK time

  • All calls are on zoom and the link is always available in the Facebook group. The replay is instantly available for those who are busy or on different time zones

  • Do I get 1:1 messenger access to Esther? This 1:1 service is not included in this subscription , all questions can be asked within the facebook group and will be answered in there. For anything of an extremely sensitive nature that cannot be shared publicly or for admin queries, please email Esther at

  • If you require a deeper level of support please reach out to Esther to discuss 1:1 coaching.

  • Is there a way to join if I don't have Facebook? If Esther received enough requests, she will look at an alternative platform/container to be able to support individuals outside of Facebook. Reach out to let Esther know you are interested in this.

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