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Meet Esther

Alreet me babba! (Cue Bristolian accent)

I'm Esther and I got so tired of those stuffy bio lines so I am just going to meet you where you are energetically, grab a cuppa.


Chances are you're here because you're interested in Manifesting right? And if not....well, this could be about to get weird for you.

I would love to give you a complementary bayleaf that you write your bank goals on & tell you that's it, but I think we can do better...


Most people get into manifesting because there is something they believe they lack, they are pushing with 0 results, or they feel they are stuck in negative loops & want to break that cycle. And that has been ME TOO!

I'm guessing you've got some big dreams in your heart & you're calling out for more peace, flow, trust, joy, contentment, abundance...all that good stuff?

But maybe you're hitting some bumps in the road?

Maybe you don't feel worthy, doubt yourself, feel like an imposter, procrastinate a fair old bit, maybe you even feel scared of expanding.... maybe it's just "safer" to stay low. Or maybe you're at a crossroads, lacking clarity & confused AF!

It really all comes down to what you BELIEVE is possible for YOU in this human lifetime.

This is where we get to the juice. As a result of their beliefs changing, my clients become masters of their energy, release their subconscious resistance & achieve their desires from a place of alignment.

This is an unlearning, a remembering & a reclaiming.

Because listen, you don't need fixing. You were born worthy & I see that in you. You are not your baggage, nor are you what you've been told you are. 

Incase you hadn't worked it out, I'm a down to earth, fairly non woo-woo coach. I make spiritual principles & practices implementable for you, with powerful results.

And PS! "just think positive" doesn't fly here. I will encourage you to embrace a full spectrum of human emotions as part of your journey, as it all steers us towards expansion.


Your Manifestations, your reality, all begin with you. YOU are the point of attraction, you are the magnet!

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