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Tools from the Manifestation Toolbox now available as digital downloads! Perfect if you're abroad and if postage isn't for you.


Want to raise your vibration? Get clear about your intentions? Work on your beliefs? Shift your point of attraction? And ultimately, manifest???


The 7 Day Shift, mini manifestation course, is designed to not only help you understand the Law of Attraction, but to encourage you to truly care about the way you feel. Your feelings are your point of attraction! As such, it is suitable for spiritual newbies but also great for people who are familiar with manifestation and want to get focused and back in alignment with their desires.


Includes chapters on: Establishing Positive Routines, Limiting Beliefs, Clarity, Mindfulness, Manifestation Techniques, Action vs Letting Go & Nurturing Belief.


Includes exclusive access to meditations & tools.


Includes template to the Desk Pad included in the toolbox plus your own Abundance Cheques to print out.


This 54 page PDF is available in print version via The Manifestation Toolbox, as "Focus, Feelings 7 Faith" available in the shop. 


There are no refunds available for this item and please note you have 30 days to download your order.

THE 7 DAY SHIFT: Manifestation Mini Course Download

£11.11 Regular Price
£5.55Sale Price
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