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Includes the 55:55 minute long POWERFUL Subliminal, the 16 minute EFT tapping and Workbook for surrendering, detaching, trusting the process and allowing your blessings to flow!



This EFT Tapping (emotional freedom technique) is designed to help you surrender your manifestation and to open your allowing doors! Let it go, detach, flow, trust the process, trust the timing, get in receiving mode and set the intention to focus on your energy - where the real magic happens!


It works by releasing any fears and beliefs you may have that could be holding you in resistance, needy energy, and affecting your ability to manifest. We then reprogram the subconscious with new empowering beliefs that enable you to detach and relax, knowing everything is working out for you. Your energy is always the solution and EFT is a great way to instantly shift your vibration!



If you are new to subliminals, they are audio tracks with the affirmations layered but they are not audible to the conscious mind, only the subconscious. This is perfect for bypassing the conscious mind and for gently reprogramming your belief systems. We manifest from our self concept which includes all our beliefs about ourselves, the world and our personal potential. So subliminals are a fantastic and powerful tool for reprogramming.


This one is meditation style music with nature sounds like bird song, great for relaxing, meditating or for falling asleep to!



Ideally listen before bed, and with headphones but without is ok. Do not listen to whilst driving or operating heavy machinery, but you can listen whilst studying, meditating, doing house chores, etc.



There are over powerful 70 powerful affirmations in this subliminal. Some included are:

  • I am free from desire
  • I am free from chasing
  • I am free from pushing
  • My manifestation is normal
  • My manifestation is off the pedestal
  • My manifestation is an everyday occurrence
  • I feel light, free and playful
  • I am embracing my journey
  • I am going with the flow
  • I am releasing control
  • I am trusting the process
  • I attract what is meant for me
  • I receive what is for my highest good
  • Miracles are attracted to me
  • I am a manifestation magnet
  • I am a powerful point of attraction for blessings
  • When I go with the flow, blessings just stream in
  • When I let go, I receive effortlessly



This workbook is designed to help you surrender your manifestations to the divine, and to trust that what is meant for you is on it's way! Sometimes we place so much importance on our manifestations that they become out of reach energetically. We love to push with practical action, rather than using our energy as the solution. This is about you learning to feel good, whole, content and at peace even in the absence of your desire. Revisit as often as it feels good to. 8 pages of Manifestation Coaching prompts, exercises and guidance.


Please download zip file within 30 days of purchase before download link expires.


Please note that the EFT & Subliminal are still availble as part of Esther's Youtube Membership in the £22.99 a month VIP Tier, but this is great if you don't want a monthly commitment and have downloads to keep. The workbook is no longer available in the membership.


Sending you blessings, relax, the Universe has your back! 


Esther xXx

Surrender, Trust & Manifest Bundle! Subliminal, EFT & Workbook

  • Download links are active for 30 days before they expire, please download during this time.

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