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55:55 minute long POWERFUL Subliminal for attracting money and abundance fast! We all get programmed around money beliefs, and it can be a bit taboo to unashamedly say we love money. But why shouldn’t we? It does so much for us, provides comfort, security, fun, freedom etc. what’s not to love!? So when you connect to that energy of embracing money, you call more of it to you! 💰🤑✨Use this to become a vibrational match to money, to love money, to believe it can come from anywhere, to have an abundance mindset and have multiple income streams. This one has no music and is only rain and nature sounds so it's perfect for falling asleep to! Download links are valid for 30 days only, so please download before it expires. 



If you are new to subliminals, they are audio tracks with the affirmations layered but they are not audible to the conscious mind, only the subconscious. This is perfect for bypassing the conscious mind and for gently reprogramming your belief systems. We manifest from our self concept which includes all our beliefs about ourselves, the world and our personal potential. So subliminals are a fantastic and powerful tool for reprogramming.



Ideally listen before bed, and with headphones but without is ok. Do not listen to whilst driving or operating heavy machinery, but you can listen whilst studying, meditating, doing house chores, etc.



There are over powerful 100 affirmations in this subliminal. Some included are:

  • I love money so much
  • There are so many reasons to love money
  • I am so excited about having more money
  • It feels so good to have money coming in
  • I love unexpected money
  • Money can flow from many sources
  • I love the surprise of receiving unexpected money
  • I also love knowing money is coming from expected sources
  • I love having multiple income streams
  • I love having passive income streams
  • Money flows to me easily
  • My wealth increases effortlessly
  • My bank digits increase daily
  • I have a millionaire mindset
  • I have the best money making inspired ideas
  • Money is here right now
  • Money is knocking on my door
  • Money wants to come play with me
  • Money wants to be my friend
  • Money is magnetised to me


Sending you blessings, the money is yours!


Esther xXx

Manifest Money! Abundance Attraction Subliminal

  • Download links are active for 30 days before they expire, please download during this time.

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