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Visualisation, as we talked about from your Vision Board exercise on page XXX, can trick the subconscious mind to believe we are experiencing what we are visualizing right now, and it instructs the subconscious on what we are valuing as important and what to focus on creating.


In this guided visualization, which will support some of your manifestation techniques, I will be taking you on a journey to see all you want to create in the future and to connect to the feelings you’re desiring from these things. In feeling it now, we call more of it into our lives. From there we also get clarity on labelling the feelings we want to focus on generating more of in our reality.

To support your subconscious programming, healing and expansion I am providing you with 3 bonus tools to help you shift your point of attraction!

Guided Visualisation

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping is a holistic energy healing practice that can also be used as a self-help tool, allowing us to regulate our emotions quickly and efficiently.


It has many uses from reducing anxiety ahead of job interviews or exams, to releasing limiting beliefs around money, to even helping with pain management. The uses are endless.


EFT taps on a series of meridian points and has been shown to reduce stress and have a significant effect on the amygdala which is the primitive part of the brain related to fight or flight response.


In this EFT sequence I will be giving you an all inclusive tapping for happiness. Covering bases such as gratitude, your self-worth, trusting the process and that all you want is possible. It’s on the way!

Emotional Freedom Technique

Subliminals are audio tracks containing hidden affirmations that may be played at a whisper level, sped up or they are completely undetectable. The affirmations bypass the conscious mind and go straight to programming the subconscious mind.


The subconscious accepts what you tell it repeatedly and as the subconscious is like a computer program running your show, these tracks are super powerful for changing your code!


Also, I like to call them “the lazy way of manifesting” because in changing the program, your magnetism shifts. You can show up with new behaviours, beliefs and energy, and the beauty of this is you just need to pop them on and fall asleep to them.


There are many subliminals for different topics such as body changes, attracting customers, or manifesting a partner. I have created for you a contentment and magnetic attraction subliminal for finding your peace in the now and for also attracting in blessings, opportunities, and more reasons to feel happy!

Happiness Subliminal


Want more? Why not check out Esther's Youtube for FREE videos just like the ones above, her shop and get courses via Teachable

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